Barista's dream, setting up their own children(영문판)바리스타의 꿈, 스스로 세우는 아이들
Barista's dream, setting up their own children(영문판)바리스타의 꿈, 스스로 세우는 아이들
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Youth Self workplace 'cafe Adult Guardianship'

Through their coffee 'to get up (Adult Guardianship) is. Work as members of the community is squarely seoryeogo. They dream of making a delicious coffee barista. Barista to the shelter of the youth they are born again. Take some time ago opened ahutjeom 'cafe Adult Guardianship' passion and love for the coffee, will the ship of love of self is a kind of retreat, get yourself a trim young self in the workplace, they taste and aroma of coffee, grabbing tough and a dream finish can.

Bombyeol dazzling than this window is a small cafe was opened in the Catholic Center on the 1st floor like a spring breeze. Jung-old city streets, settled in a small space, 'cafe Adult Guardianship' like a fairytale santteuthada appearance. Demonstrations to a new start wearing aprons, they (re) Catholic children and youth shelters are children. Gao last March 19 March 31 to begin this morning, officially revered as the thirst thirst for coffee and their lips (lip) are soaked and Lubrication.

Recently emerged as an aspiring professional baristas fever caused by the drama. Neat blend of delicious coffee in a cafe and even winning baristas. Requiring specialized knowledge and skill demanding jobs. Put difficult personal circumstances to move forward toward the dream of their lives to the Barista is to design and hope that length.
"It's interesting. It's too nice to make coffee. The technical difference between a wide range of coffee's taste. It's fun to get to the taste of coffee. "The 19-year-old barista. Barista skills to be a shy smile and his gentle dreams hyangcheoreom euneunhada Coffee. Fickle taste of the coffee barista to govern is to focus the mind. The process of making the coffee beans to grind or 'caramel makkiahtto' has been completed.

Barista youth lack the side watching him fill the baeyoungran (Barista Training Instructor), warm attention of the manager. "A course in Barista skills, but I'm still a little sore. However, children namdalrayo passion for coffee. I'm curious and active. A bright and sincere nature happens. "Compliment, saying to young people busy baristas. "Very good, delightfully down here do not want to do a lot more." Cautionary do not forget.

'Cafe Adult Guardianship' is born, Kim Soo-jin (The Catholic Foundation for Children and Youth Shelter) for children's shelter of the small intestine was in sadness. "The kids get job skills certification, but an increasing number of places do not have long searched for the reason that I lack the necessary skills to social adjustment was discovered. Realistic economic and social adjustment training, and motivation to the future of phased wanted to create opportunities. "Director of the Kim Soo-jin to make sure children have a healthy heart could wish.
"I started. Stay tuned for some more time to continue to hold the same. "Conveys no meaning.

Incheon in the current long-term and short-term, temporary shelter, etc. There are a total of eight locations. It is operated by the Catholic Children and Youth Foundation, a shelter has been living with 20-25 people. 90% of 3-20 years with 17 young people run away or have a legitimate personal reasons. Why can not seem to mind the statement, but they design their own future and that effort has tried to get up independently.



'Cafe Adult Guardianship' of the 17 youth 3-20 to five names and pastry making Barista two men divided into three parts to operate. Morning and afternoon, and closing skills to the Group, divided into a pleasant place for them here. Take off your uniform galahipeun carved in my heart the mouth of the apron (Adult Guardianship) is to establish themselves as characters. So whether kids enjoy coming here more. Shifts in time for opening the door smiling faces of young children are brighter. Sensitive and demanding of coffee towards the missing youths 'cafe Adult Guardianship' tame the coffee. They were born in the hands of a sweet aroma of hot coffee in the window more than spring.
Fair trade coffee beans fresh and freshly falling bokahnae featuring a good price 'cafe Adult Guardianship' is 10am to 8pm. This mocha cookies set times, and fresh made sandwiches are sold directly. (Contact :773-1319)

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